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Ulobi – pronounced – ullaby, like lullaby missing an “l”.

Means – Unique Lowest Bid

Stands for – celebrity reverse auctions to reverse poverty

SupportsFive Talents – microfinance to assist business start ups in poor countries

Needs – celebrities who want to sell their stuff to help reverse poverty.

i.e. Virgin Galactic VSS2 Space flight: Value $200,000 – Bid Price: $49 Bids: 10,000
Ticket paid for $200,000 – Profits to Five Talents: $290,000

And – people who want to bid the lowest unique price to win their stuff.

i.e. Fly to Space for just $49 with Virgin Galactic.

All – celebrities are invited to submit something unique, something highly desirable and be prepared to get paid a fair price + see the profits go towards Five Talents micro business finance – to help the poorest entrepreneurs get off the ground with their sustainable venture to help reverse poverty.

Why – because we can. How many times have you heard, “we can put man on the moon but we can’t feed all our people”, or “why do we spend so much money onĀ  space programs while people are starving?”

Comments like this are sound and reasonable but the answers not satisfactory for the disadvantaged, the starving, the poorest of the poor.

So why can’t we do a bit of both?

Man will never end his endeavors to explore and go further but we must not do this at the expense of leaving others behind.

Sir Richard Branson knows what it is like to start off small, without money and just what guts it takes to succeed. He also knows no bounds with his adventurous spirit and he understands when money speaks people listen. Let’s make money say what it should be saying, “here’s a job”, “thanks for buying my goods”, “here’s food money”, “yes we can feed the children”, “let’s help each other succeed”, “here are my loan repayments”, “thank you for helping me”.

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Ulobi is a non-profit organisation that was founded by Christian Internet entrepreneur Greg Gillespie in 2011. It is his strong belief that we can take the initiative to help each other and have some fun in the process. Everybody is facinated by celebrity culture, so why not use this as an opportunity to reach out and help those for whom life is not much fun, by giving people the chance to own some celebrity and or share their resources with the massively underprivilged.

[tab name=”mission statement”]
Ulobi believes in the responsibility of the privileged to assist the the underprivileged.
Ulobi believes in the power of God at work in the lives of his children.
Ulobi believes that there is one God and he is revealed through the person of Jesus Christ.

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