My Adventures in Smart Car Cleaning

This was last November. I used the original 2 wax formula for the exterior including glass and vinyl, complete clean and original for the wheels, and eco tire shine for the tires. My old phone cam was to blame for the blurry effect. Better pictures coming up next. When I start using a car polisher it was just a mere past time than going to a shop and do nothing. Later it became a business.

What Adventure?

I am a father and a teacher and barely have time to clean and maintain my vehicle. Keeping my car clean back from my very first truck over 10 years ago has been a challenge that turned into an adventure and a hobby.

Just like everyone, I started with the usual hose, over the counter shampoo, wax, old rags, lots of water, and about over 2 hours each time i clean my vehicle. Fast forward about 5 years and thanks to the internet forums, I found a No-Rinse product that allows me to use 2 buckets of water and about half the time it takes to clean my ride. I also stopped using waxes and instead used acrylic based polish that seems to be more durable and provides insane levels of shine. I thought my car cleaning adventure is over until I have my own family. With kids, work, and house duties, there’s even less time that I have before. Lately, I am free around midnight when kids are asleep and the routine house things are done. Great, the car is in the garage with barely any room to move around, and cleaning it outside that time is out of the question. This new challenge got me back searching on the internet and found my current line of products, Freedom Waterless Car Wash.

I remember seeing similar products before and decided to skip them. This time, Freedom Waterless seems convincing due to the info and reviews both on and off their site, and ease of communicating with them, even with the owner. After a few inquiries, I ordered a sample and tried it on my current vehicle. Long story short, it works as advertised. The only water used is actually making the towel damp. I sprayed a small section at a time, then a little on the damp microfiber towel, light wipe, then follow up with a dry towel. From my experience, the shine and feel that the original formula left on my ride is comparable to my acrylic polish. The tires were recently treated with the Eco Tire Shine, though I wiped instead of direct spray to get a flatter effect. The wheels were cleaned with Complete Clean first, then the Original formula.

I got 8 weeks out of my first application and my ride stayed shiny despite heavy rains after last year’s Thanksgiving. I only decided to clean again after bees left yellow droppings all over my black ride! I nearly (No-rinse) washed it, but after trying Freedom Waterless on a small section, I decided to go waterless again. I love the products so much that I decided to become a local distributor. Learn to become a detailer so that you can decide whatever products you want.

Now my new adventure begins….

Good Reasons Why You Will Prefer A Destination Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most joyous occasions in your life. It is only natural to want your wedding to be a special and unforgettable experience, not just to you and your partner, but also to family and friends closest to your heart who’ll be there to witness that special occasion. Simple ceremonies will guide if you are planning to get married in NSW.

If you want your big day to become extremely fun, why not think about having a destination wedding? A destination wedding is a ceremony held away from the familiar surroundings of home. Since the idea of destination weddings was made popular, even more couples have preferred to forego a local wedding ceremony in favor of a festive wedding in a new and tropical place away from home.

Here are three good reasons why you will also want to have a destination wedding of your own:

1. You can limit your guest list.

You’ll be able to escape from having to invite a lot of acquaintances from work or from your neighborhood. You will not even have to invite family members that you aren’t close to.

Obviously, out of respect, you can invite them to come to your wedding, but since they do not have a deep relationship with you, it is most likely that they will not attend. After all, who wants to spend extra time and money only to attend the wedding of somebody you don’t know very well?

Expect that only those people who really care about you shows up to your destination wedding. This is an added bonus since you get to spend quality, carefree time with those people who matters most. In fact, since most destination weddings last for the whole weekend, you may turn your wedding into a mini-vacation for everybody you love!

2. You get to spend less.

Although you won’t pay for your guests’ travel expenses, it is protocol to cover their food and accommodation during the entire stay. Still, money spent on the ceremony alone, the reception, and all of other activities intended to entertain more or less 30 guests is going to be a lot less compared to what you would pay for a ceremony and reception for 150-200 guests at a high-class hotel in your hometown.

If you’re smart, you’re able to save more by scouting for discount flight or accommodation rates way before the special day.

3. You get to choose from thousands of breathtakingly beautiful locations.

Since destination weddings became popular, exotic possible wedding places began showing out of nowhere. You can get married in front of an extraordinarily beautiful beach backdrop in Cancun, Mexico or Sunshine Coast, Australia by a wedding celebrant Sunshine Coast. Wherever you choose to get married, you can count that every detail of your wedding is going to be according to what you want and how you want it.

Definitely, a destination wedding is the answer to a unique and unforgettable wedding event. Click here for dream wedding destination.

SEO Marketing – The New – Age Publicity

This is a time when almost all the major brands are opting for expansion. And why not? A business is meant to rise like a creeper, thus developing into a huge banyan-like empire. But in this endless cycle of evolution, one thing that brands tend to ignore and miss out is a proper publicity. They do not realize how else a buyer would locate them on the Web if he doesn’t know what they deal with. An effective answer to this situation is to check our SEO packages Sydney.

SEO Marketing is a well-planned and intelligent marketing strategy that makes the latest updates known to the world through Press Releases, posting classifieds, and a set of other write-ups that, if counted collectively, bring about an aggressive marketing. This method basically revolves around making the prominent search engines prefer a specific website over so many others that are just the same, if not better.

There is a wide range of steps that are covered under a full-fledged SEO marketing package. And if executed perfectly, there is a little that can push the concerned brand beyond the first search engine result page. This perfection is the reason why companies are running after SEO specialists today. They just hand over their publicity-related worries to the external teams and rest assured while their business evolves alongside.

There is no doubt that the ones that feature in the first few search engine result pages are considered to be the best ones pertaining to that specific keyword. SEO marketing encashes this general belief only, and ensures that the market credentials of the concerned client do not fall, by keeping it in the top few search engine results by a large number of possible activities.

An expert SEO marketing consultant knows how a good content affects a brand’s rankings, and thus, lays stress on original and informative content. If a web copy is able to send out a message clearly, and well enough to bring in hordes of readers, there is a higher chance of the brand getting a hike in its sales, and thus, a hike in its own turnover. But an effective SEO marketing does not end just here. It explores some more avenues.

Besides the technicalities of the web copies going live, SEO marketing also demands a regularity in work so that a day or two of negligence do not mean a drop in the brand’s rankings, owing to the cut-throat pressure in the market. All the efforts of months can come dashing to the ground if an expert gets lenient with the Search engine optimization of its client’s website.

Hard work pays well… this is to be trusted blind-foldedly if one considers a career in any industry, but there is something that matters far more than the monetary gain, and that is Fame, which an efficient SEO marketing can drive home. Click here for website audit.

Packaging Advice For the Courier Nightmare

In today’s internet consumer world air express services are high profile. Millions of buyers & sellers rely on their services on a daily basis. Unfortunately of the numerous consignments made every day, many are rejected or have to be returned & subsequently replaced due to damage in transit. The party at fault is always hard to pin down. Are the couriers responsible for the damage or was the packaging substandard? Of course, as we all know prevention is better than cure. While we don’t live in a perfect world, it is possible, using the correct packaging materials & packing methods to ensure your consignment successfully runs the courier gauntlet. We offer the following packaging advice based on couriers recommendations;

Packaging advice for product protection

It is recommended that you leave a space of at least 50mm (2 inches) between the outer container and the product inside. This space should be filled with padding of some sort, preferably bubble wrap, corrugated paper, Kraft paper or suitable loose fill material.

Different types of cushioning are available, from polystyrene or biodegradable loose fill “chips”, “shreds” and “peanut” shaped materials to rolls of bubbled plastic sheet i.e. bubble wrap.

Loose cushioning is usually made out of very lightweight materials, it’s used to fill in corners, keep the articles centered in the container and provide cushioning and shock absorption. It is clean and reusable but can be very bulky to store. Many of the fillings available in the market are manufactured from recycled products. If exporting, try to avoid the use of polystyrene, as in many countries it is considered not to be environmentally friendly and a fine could be imposed. Vegetable based and biodegradable materials are preferred.

Bubble wrap provides very good protection to shock, vibration and abrasion, as well as being lightweight and flexible.

When packing items or stacked objects, you should always use dividers, which provide absorption to shocks.

The most frequently used dividers are corrugated cardboard sheets, chipboard sheets, or plain brown “Kraft-paper” sheets. Rolls of corrugated boxes, cut to size, are excellent for low cost padding. Foam sheeting is recommended to wrap up fragile objects.

As your shipment is transported, it may be exposed to adverse environments caused by weather conditions and transport vibrations, so correct packaging is vital.

Where possible use sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes.

Wrap fragile materials individually so they do not touch each other.

Even the stickiest labels can come off. An extra address label placed inside the package is a good precaution.

Remove old address/shipping labels from your packages.

Use cushioned bags, such as padded and bubble bags to carry such things as diskettes, tapes, keys and small electronic parts. These bags provide good shock absorption performance. Waterproof and anti-static versions are also available.

Boxes are the most commonly used type of package. The range of sizes and shapes, the different combinations of materials, and the number of accessories available to strengthen and secure them, make boxes the most suitable way to pack your shipments.

If you are shipping wooden boxes, ensure that the corners are correctly protected and check that the box is not splintered, as this can cause injuries to people handling the boxes.

Sometimes, heavy-duty double walled cardboard is a suitable and cheaper alternative to wood.

All packages must be sealed to prevent the contents from falling out. A good seal helps to strengthen your package, however, be aware that any shipment may be opened for inspection by customs or security authorities while in transit.

Always use strong tapes such as polypropylene or vinyl adhesive tape. Other types of tape such as fibre reinforced paper tapes may also be used.

The use of string around your box is not recommend as it can cut through the cardboard and damage your package.

The use of wrapping paper around boxes or non contained objects is only recommended for items like textile products, in order to prevent damage by dust. Remember to enclose the wrapped object in a box.

Wrapping paper can also be used as a cushioning material by crumpling it and placing it in the interior of a box.

When using shrink wrap films, stick labels on the boxes and not on the films. Often the film is broken down to scan each shipment’s bar code.

When applied correctly, with the proper tension, strapping is an ideal way to strengthen your shipment. Loose strapping is useless and too tight strapping can damage the box, by cutting through it.

Edge protectors are available in plastic and recycled cardboard. When using strapping, edge protectors prevent damage to your shipment by distributing the strapping pressure and tension uniformly across the box edge, preventing damage to the cardboard.


Damaged containers.

Exceeding the weight specification of the shipment container.

Use of wrapping paper, string, cellophane or masking tape.

Allowing packages to get wet while awaiting pickup.

Including any information indicating high value of contents on the address label or outer package.

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Wearing Women’s Outdoor Footwear

Many of today’s families like to get together and go hiking and most of them wonder what ugg boots to buy online because of fashion style. Some enjoy more extensive hikes while others like to take a walk in the nearest nature park. Depending on how aggressive the trail is you will need to wear proper boots to ensure your safety. Many people overlook the importance of owning quality shoes or boots. It’s important that you understand the difference that a good pair of outdoor boots will make in your life.

If you spend any time outside in the rain or snow, then you may have already experienced how unpleasant cold and wet feet can be. The same applies with hiking boots. Once your feet get wet and cold it is all downhill from there. It is essential to keep your feet dry especially in cold weathers. If you are a Woman that likes to hunt, fish, and hike or spend a lot of time out in harsh environments then take the time to find a good pair of quality Womens Outdoor Boots.

It’s true that most brands focus on Mens Footwear when it comes to Outdoor Boots. However, most these brands also construct Quality Womens Outdoor Footwear as well. They understand that daughters like to go with their dads on many of their camping trips. They also recognize the need for Womens Work Boots for women in the Construction Industry. Some boots such as Bogs Waterproof Boots for Women are simply to keep your feet dry while maintaining your fashion style. Timberland provides quality boots for Women at affordable prices. What you will be using them for is something that will need to be determined before purchasing Outdoor footwear.

When purchasing Outdoor Boots, it’s imperative that you buy Good Boots. Do not settle for an inferior product because it is cheap. The last thing you want happen to you is water leaking through your boots on a cold snowy day. It could be worse than this. What happens if your 20 miles backpacking in the mountains and the sole of your hiking boot falls off? These are things that should be considered. If you want to purchase a new pair of boots, it will be worth your time to budget and save until you can get the ones that you want.

If you want to see what your options are, the best place is on the internet. Online Shoe Websites offer excellent prices. Many will give you free returns and free shipping. Internet sites allow you to browse every available brand and compare prices and styles. If you decide to purchase boots, make sure you read the customer reviews on the product. This will help you determine if that pair is the one you want to buy.

Choosing the Best SEO Services Company

Some of the SEO consultants Sydney retain their place as best Search engine optimisation tools. A search at the very best Search engine optimization instruments of 2015 would make an exciting studying.

Lookup Engine Optimization is an indispensable component of enterprise advertising. It offers the brand needed recognition and keeps it in see of the possible customers. For successful web optimization a webmaster or entrepreneur wants Search engine optimisation instruments. However, only leading Search engine optimization tools can provide the function satisfactorily.

Like all other regions of the specialized world, information engineering industry is extremely unstable. Numerous Seo resources show up and then vanish following getting unsuccessful. The basic principle of survival of the fittest applies aptly to the globe of engineering as well, and only the ideal Seo computer software stays longer following being approved by the users. It is virtually fifty percent way by means of 2015 and a search at the greatest Search engine optimisation tools of the yr could be pertinent for the stop consumers. Every single of these tools serves a specific goal for the person.

The correct Search engine optimization (look for engine optimization) approach can alter the whole situation of how a company performs. It’s as essential as a company strategy for an firm. The young entrepreneurs of this period appear to be understanding this well. Hence, whilst they introduce a organization, they formulate a reputable technique for search motor optimization. This assists them maintain speed with the competitors’ proper from the commencement of the company. However, in most cases, the business people are unconscious about the Search engine optimisation aspects. It is one of the minimum important issues on their to-do lists and the cause for this is their absence of Search engine optimization understanding.

If we search back again at the firms that have been introduced to existence at any time for the duration of the very last decade, extremely couple of experienced a pre-described Seo program. However, a lot of of them soon understood that a Search engine optimisation team was required. Some of these got an in-residence established up, although some relied on the businesses for their Search engine marketing operations.

When selecting an Search engine optimization services organization, you ought to contemplate a handful of items to be capable to make the right selection. It is important to observe that very good research motor optimization (Search engine optimisation) for your site signifies more enterprise for you. This is since it will direct to more visibility of your web site, hence much more site visitors, much more potential customers, much more conversions and greater revenue. It is the lifeline for the extended expression good results of your organization. For that reason, as you select the organization to aid you with your Search engine optimization efforts, make a sensible selection appropriate from the start to avoid compromising on your internet based mostly enterprise.

To start with, you ought to request yourself regardless of whether Search engine optimization is right for your organization. If you need to have far more publicity to more consumers and prospective buyers, then the solution listed here is a no brainer. This selection can also be educated by your amount of expertise in conditions of Search engine optimization. If you are excellent at employing Seo by yourself, then you can make a swift choice on the place to start off with your efforts for much better look for engine visibility.

Abusive Relationships: Do Some Peoples Childhoods Create A Tolerance For Abuse?

Upon qualifying to a college community services you must passed the requirements, it is a big help for the community once you took this course. When someone experiences some kind of abuse in their adult relationships, there is often the chance that they will identify with one of two outlooks. They can either see that this abuse is a reflection of what took place during their childhood or they can come to the conclusion that their childhood was fine and that it has nothing to do with it.

In the first example, it is more or less perfectly clear and there is no doubt whatsoever about where this abuse was first experienced. And as they are certain about it, they can take the steps to deal with that is taking place.

But when it comes to the second example, the whole thing could come across as a mystery and not make any sense. This could cause them to feel like a victim or that they are just unlucky.


The first person might then decide to look at their history and to work on it. Their intention will be to heal that happened and to put an end to it once and for all. As for how long this takes can depend on how severe their early abuse was and on the kind of support they receive, amongst other things.

With them knowing where the abuse originally came from, they will have a target. Knowing where to look and the kind of questions to ask will allow one to take action. As this process continues, they are going to see how their present relationships reflect their childhood relationships.

Complete Honesty

This will also require that one is completely honest with themselves. As there could be guilt, shame and fear that will stop them from being able to admit to what happened.

It can be easy for one to have an idealised image of their parents or the other figures around at the time and this can sabotage the whole process; primarily because this will stop someone from embracing the truth and this truth will need to be faced in order for one to heal and move on.

The Unknown Cause

So in the case of one coming to the conclusion that their childhood was fine, there is going to be a different approach to healing. One might believe that they have no control over who they attract or the kind of people they are attracted to; with attraction being a random process.

If they are relatively young, they might come to the conclusion that they will grow out of it and that this is just part of growing up. The opposite sex could also be labelled as being a certain way and that all men or women are the same and can’t be trusted.

It could also be put down to them just having low self esteem and confidence issues. So through them building themselves up, they will be able to move beyond this challenge. With very little being mentioned about their childhood and what kind of affect this had on them.

The Next Stage

So one could end a relationship that is abuse and attract another person who is completely different and that’s the end of it. It would then appear as though they have experienced an internal shift.

Or they could end up experiencing the same thing over and over again and end up feeling confused, frustrated, angry and powerless. So they are then stuck and unable to attract the kind of person or people who treat them in the right way.

A Closer Look

However, just because someone was abused in their childhood, it doesn’t mean that they can remember it or even want to admit to it. It could also be something that hasn’t been recognised as abuse and something that was seen as normal in their family of origin.

So this means that one could be in denial and have cut off all recollection to their childhood or certain parts, in order to avoid feeling the pain of what took place. And while this allows their mind to maintain their childhood illusions, their body and the people they attract into their life will tell the real story.


One also doesn’t need to be someone who experienced extreme abuse in the childhood in order to attract abusive people in their later years. All that needs to take place is for one to experience a one off violation or something that compromised them in one way or another.

What this then does is create an opening and through this, there is a chance that it will get bigger and bigger. So what first started off as being fairly insignificant, went on to become something far worse.

This could have been a mother who was critical and controlling or a father who was overprotective and got too close.


What these early experiences do is create a tolerance to that kind of behaviour and this is because it is familiar. And what is familiar is what is safe to the ego mind; regardless of it is functional or not. So one is then going to be drawn to people who remind them of their parents.

And it won’t matter if this is something that will enhance their life or not. One might consciously feel repelled by certain behaviour and yet unconsciously they feel drawn towards it.

Another person might start of as being overprotective or slightly controlling in the beginning. And as time passes, this gradually increases to include abuse that is far worse. The originally experiences made one receptive to this kind of behaviour.


When one experiences some kind of violation in their childhood, it is going to be an emotional experience and beliefs will also have been formed. And these will need to be dealt with or one is going to recreate the same reality.

These trapped feelings and emotions can be released with the assistance of a therapist or healer. And ones beliefs can be changed in the same way or through reading and consciously questioning what they believe for example.

Prolific writer, thought leader and coach, Oliver JR Cooper hails from the United Kingdom. His insightful commentary and analysis covers all aspects of human transformation; love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With several hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope along with his sound advice. Current projects include “A Dialogue With The Heart” and “Communication Made Easy.”

Jumping Into Digital Signs – Ideas on Where to Begin

I wrote a blog article recently about total ownership digital signage Sydney, and I want to offer a few more thoughts to help anyone who is a little baffled or feels that a digital sign network might be a bit daunting.

Most of us come in touch with digital signs on a regular basis these days and looking at them you might wonder at the size of the infrastructure underneath that makes it all tick. Whether it’s a huge outdoor digital screen or a menu board in a mall, these are some of the signage systems that we’re most familiar with. So it’s maybe not surprising that we associate digital sign networks with huge complexity and massive investment. However, if this thinking is putting you off using digital technology for your own circumstances then you might be relieved to know that your options for making your own network are very flexible and not as difficult to achieve as you might think.

Let’s look at what we’re familiar with first. The big networks – they’re everywhere and they look the business. As a business you can get involved with these by simply calling the company and talking with an account manager. I recently attended a Screen Forum event (digital signage industry forum) and a representative from CBS Outdoor (a very big signage network operator in the United Kingdom) was showing examples of how they bend over backwards to help clients get network time and a creative that will work, even to very tight schedules. So in this instance you can be sure that for your money you’ll be well advised and looked after. She even explained that in some cases they won’t let prospective clients use the digital signs as it is not the appropriate medium. You’ve got to love it when they’re not all about spending your money. This is top end public signage and costs can be considerable, however it works perfectly if you’ve got the budget and the right campaign.

A step down from these larger networks are more localized installations such as a network of screen in a department store. There could still be a vast amount of screens to look after, but there are a few more questions to ask. These can pretty much be boiled down to the following for starters:

  1. Do we need live information to be updated constantly?
  2. Are screens going to be integral to the environment design?
  3. What are the goals for the signage network?

If you are for example an investment firm then you might need live financial news for your visitors and employees, so a live feed, tickers and up to the minute video content is a big deciding factor. In this case you need to consider using a digital signage network provider, such as Scala, Signagelive, EnQii or Delivering Digital, as these companies will put in place a content management system that will give you control over the external content you require. Of course, you will be paying a monthly fee, but for hassle free delivery of quality services this is worth it usually.

The next point is often a slightly glossed over area of a new network, but environmental design is becoming more and more important to successful business operations. You’ve decided to have screens, but will they be free standing, mounted to walls or built into the architecture of the space. The reason this is important is that there are so many horror stories of poorly built signage implementations, which can over heat and cause damage to the screens, sometimes ruining them completely and even starting fires. There are basically two types of players, solid state and normal PC’s. Solid state devices do not have any internal moving parts, so apart from the advantage of consuming less power (up to 10 times less than the alternative) they do not require as much ventilation nor generate as much heat. A PC installation will require more ventilation as when the device does heat up due to processing power usage, the fans will begin to cool the unit down, and this requires cool air. You will also find that there are complete solutions available which ever way you decide to go. Not only can you buy just a media player to drive your existing screens, but you can have all-in-one media player and screens, purpose built for the job. If you want your screen embedded into the environment then you can get ready made screen and media players with no frames on, so that your designers can just screw them into the custom enclosure that they have built (your designers will check with the manufacturer about technical requirements). The choice of technology should depend entirely on the environment design and kind of content you will display, but there are complete solutions available to facilitate this, so the real question should be, ‘how creative are you feeling?’.

Going back to our example of a department store, you really need to use a network, so any equipment you buy must be network enabled and be managed from a central PC. This makes it easy to schedule and update content and makes managing the network a much easier task, saving valuable time. At this point you’ll be pleased to know that you have a choice for total ownership. What do I mean? Remember I mentioned paying monthly fees for live content? Well if you don’t need live content and instead you want to promote products of deals, basically deploy your own video content, then you will find that the top manufacturers will provide content management software for you to control your media, scheduling and more, and some of them provide it for free. Can’t beat that price now can you. Again this makes managing the network easy (once you know your way around, but usually it’s not that complicated).

The final point, and I think this applies to any signage deployment, are your goals for having digital signs in the first place. This is usually where you should start and it is very important. Don’t skip this as it will feed into every other aspect of your implementation. So what kind of goals do I mean? You should ask seriously whether you’re trying to increase sales, awareness, branding or brand values. Are you trying to provide a better experience or educate and inspire onlookers. These questions can find better answers when coupled with the work your marketing department has done. If you don’t have a marketing department, then you need to define the type of viewer that will be in front of your screens and address the issues that they face. That’s a bit crude and you can find out much more on the subject, but I just want to give a little context to goal setting. Once you set your goals, how will you measure success, will you monitor sales after deployment, do customer surveys etc. Most media player devices incorporate a data logging feature, and it’s worth looking for one that has this as it will show you what was playing and when. This coupled with other sales data for example can give you some revealing results. Where touchscreen or other types of interactivity are appropriate this data will show you what viewers looked at most. This is useful to show you how well received your content has been.

Lastly, but by no means least, you may be considering just a single sign. Things to think about here are whether or not the one sign may become many at some point and whether the content needs to change or be updated regularly. Most media players (standard definition or high definition) will allow update by flash card or USB stick, where you just plug in the media storage and then turn the device on. The player does the rest and then executes playback. Some companies offer the capability to upgrade stand alone units to network players by performing a short field upgrade. This means if you buy a cheaper model that doesn’t connect to a network and run a screen with you media content stand alone for some time, you still have the option at a later date to just upgrade the player and take advantage of the network capabilities. This is of course cheaper than buying a new player.

As a final thought I want to explain a little about whether to choose High Definition or Standard Definition models. There is a lot of debate about this, but some rules of thumb are: if you are using quite small screens, i.e.. a 10″ screen at the till, then you may not need high definition, as standard definition video will display well in these circumstances. However if you are putting together a large video wall that viewers will see from a fair distance away then you need the crisp, un-jerky image quality that high definition video will give. This is well worth adding to your discussion early on with the designers. Generally speaking the larger the display and the further away viewers will be looking at the content from the more likely it is that you should use HD (high definition).

If you are just starting on your journey into digital signage, I know I haven’t answered all your questions, but I do hope I’ve uncovered a few mysteries for you. My article on total ownership digital signage is at the digital view website if you want to find out more.

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Animation As a Form of Media

The art of tv storyboard is the initial method of creating a mesmerizing tale on TV animation for your audience. Animation can be used to inform, educate, advertise and express emotions just as live action can by using the same techniques; such as the use of colour, film language and sound. The NSPCC advert by Russell Brooke on television is a good example of how animation can be more effective than live action. There is no limit to how much a situation or an action can be exaggerated but still remain to be convincing. In the advert if a real child was being thrown around it would be extremely controversial and although it is actually what is going on behind closed doors it would be too much for some people to watch. The animated character is created in a way that portrays the child in a way that will get the message across. This example shows how valuable a tool animation really is, that it is not just a media form to entertain young children. It is also a good vehicle to show that cartoon violence can be used to a positive end.

On the other hand cartoon violence can be quite aggressive and graphic like the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ video games series and some Manga features involve a lot of violence and gore but created in a quite realistic way, not suitable for a young audience where as cartoons adapted from Marvel comics such as ‘Spiderman’ and the ‘X-Men’ are primarily orientated around fighting but done in a less bloody way. The fight sequences involve a few kicks and punches and a superhuman power is used which doesn’t normally inflict much gory, physical damage on the opponent, instead the loser is left with a scratch or two on their face with a trickle of blood oozing from their mouth. The fights, realistic as they may be, are not overly graphic, otherwise they would have to be shown after the watershed, but they are descriptive enough to express what is going on within the story. Most important of all is the fact that good always triumphs over evil in these cartoons. This does not justify the fighting but neither does it encourage it. Fisticuffs in a live action feature is always more violent than fighting in cartoons as it involves real people who can get hurt whereas cartoon characters feel nothing, making the fighting seem less realistic than a live action fight sequence.

The belief that animation is a media form directed mainly at children is not necessarily true, but in some situations this can be used to the advantage of the producers. A good example of this is the recent ‘DairyLea’ commercials, created in a 3D Stop Motion technique it shows some talking cows encouraging children to eat their product, not just on its own, but with mashed potato. The advert shows that ‘DairyLea’ can be mixed with other foods and the format is more memorable to children (the talking cows), therefore they are more likely to ask their parents to buy them some. Another good example of animation aimed at children is the ‘Green Cross Code’ (stop, look and listen). This informative commercial shows hedgehogs crossing a road in an animated and musical way, encouraging children to do as they do and they will be safe. This format was chosen so children will remember how to safely cross the road as told by singing hedgehogs-which would not have been possible in real life through a live action format. The advert offers an interesting, memorable alternative to mundane, forgettable, live action instructions.

Since animation is made popular by children, (for example, the phenomenon of the ‘Pokemon’ series) there are a number of ways producers can capitalise on the launch and success of a series. The producers see many ways of making more money from a successful cartoon because they know that children will do anything to get their hands on elements of merchandise, for example the ‘Pokemon’ battle cards. Merchandise does not just stop at playing cards though; there is stationary, cutlery, bags, toys, clothing, books, posters and video games. It is this side of animation that results in adults distancing themselves from the genre because of the fact that the cartoon series is blatantly aimed at children and so this is enough to put them off watching. Formerly the animation format adopted a biased approach aimed solely at a younger audience. In the early days animation it was fascinating concept, a drawing that was moving. Since it was a new concept people of all ages took an interest.

Now the omnipresence of the format through the years that people find it entertaining up to a point in their lives then just stop watching animation as they get older, then when they have kids of their own the viewing process starts again. It is because of this misconception of the format and its association with youngsters that successful attempts have been made to break this mould. Since some adults have an interest in animation specific titles and series’ have been aimed at an adult specific audience, these include the ‘2DTV’ series, some ‘Manga’ titles, Comedy Central’s ‘South Park’, ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Futurama’ and the Japanese ‘Hen-Tai’. To conclude this point, John Serpentelli writes in an article, that “The connection between children and animation seems simple enough. To a child, anything is possible and the same is true for animation.” The animation format is also able to inadvertently teach children about the artistic side of animation, as John Serpentelli says, “Since animation is an art form that can involve almost all other art forms and children can directly encounter the art world in an unfiltered manner.”

A recent comeback of 80’s animation has shown resurgence in popularity of classics such as ‘The Clangers’, ‘Bagpuss’ and ‘The Magic Roundabout’. Adults who viewed these animations when they were younger tune in to see these classics of their day, and their children join in. Some adults are required to watch animated videos in the workplace, on issues of safety. Having to watch, follow and understand irritatingly obvious and drab pieces of animation could be enough to put some adults off the format, believing the genre is as bad as the video they had to view. This also shows that animation can be as realistic and informative as live action, but simpler to understand, where as on the other hand cartoons aimed at children, however unrealistic, sometimes incorporate a moral or advice at the end of the episode, in an effort to teach the youngsters watching what is right and what is wrong. The reason being for this is that if children see their favourite cartoon character doing something or telling them to do something then they might be encouraged to do as they say. This just shows that if done correctly animations can be as entertaining as they are informative or educational for a range of audiences.

Within video games the games character which the player controls is brought to life by using animation. The character would be lifeless if it was not animated and so the use of animation is crucial. The incorporation of animation does not stop there as FMV’s (Full Motion Videos) are also used to tell a story within a video game. This is a good example of how animation can make the impossible possible; by giving inanimate objects and characters life.

Animation is a priceless tool for all types of media when the impossible is required to become possible. For example, there are no limits to action or comedy in an animated feature, and animation provides these additional effects in a live action feature, effects that would not be possible to recreate safely or due to the limitations of a human actor. An example of such effects that are used in the movies is in the film ‘The Mask’ starring Jim Carrey to allow the face of the mask wearer to become very rubbery, distorted and very flexible. Animation allows the actor’s face to become very pliable, allowing things to happen to it that are not humanly possible. The animation techniques incorporated within films are normally used in the special effects areas. This has been true as far back as movies such as ‘Sinbad’ where Ray Harryhausen’s 3D stop motion monsters were revolutionary in their day and opened up a whole new unchartered area of the world of film. As painstaking as the monsters were to bring to life the end results were astounding and very effective, adding a whole new atmosphere and dynamic to a movie. Examples of the use of this technique in films are: ‘Robocop’ and the ED-209 machine and the stone gargoyles in the film ‘Ghostbusters’ to name but two of many. The use of 3D stop motion within a live action movie did not get left behind though in favour of the technologically advanced effects that computer graphics offered. Animation can have a unique manipulative effect on objects as it can turn normally innocent lifeless objects into dark sinister beings In contrast, animation can turn toys into what children want them to be if they could come to life, as for example in Disney’s ‘Toy Story’. Again here is that element of target audience, depending upon what age group is being targeted animation can be as dark or as cheerful as required.

In the world today it is becoming increasingly clear how popular and widespread animation has become. The production of an animated feature or series is carried out in an almost identical process to that of a live action feature or series. For instance, both formats need a good story, as this will hold the attention of the audience. The story is then required to be storyboarded, just as a live action feature is. Correct use of film language is essential in both formats whether to create an action, suspense or an emotional sequence. Characters are incredibly important to both formats. The audience need to like, relate to or in the ‘bad guys’ case, hate them. If the cast lack the attributes then the audience just will not care what happens to the characters, will not feel involved in the feature and lose interest. Since a live action feature casts real life and famous actors to attract the audiences, animation is also taking advantage of this element but because the animated features involve computer generated characters, not real life actors it is just as important to give that character a personality, to convince the audience that a computer generated character can have just the same effect on them as a real life star. This is why Disney features are increasingly using big-name Hollywood actors and actresses within them to create believable and likable characters, as well as the fact that recognizable voice talent brings in bigger audiences just as live action films with well known stars attract bigger audiences. An example of this is ‘Toy Story’ where actors such as Tom Hanks, who provides the voice for ‘Woody’, have been involved with the feature and this in turn makes the genre more popular as it will encourage more people to see the film if they can recognize a voice or the film is associated with successful and famous actors.

There are many important similarities in the process of making a live-action feature and producing an animated feature. For example whether the character is animated or is a real person, they both have to convincingly portray emotions, express body language and provide an effective dialogue and realistic expressions. As well as the characters, aspects such as film language are important in both features to allow a situation to be suspenseful, emotional or to create an effective action sequence. As well as the visual aspect, the audio, too, has to be able to convince an audience and to add atmosphere to a scene. These are common similarities between producing an animated feature and making a live action feature. For example there is a much broader scope to what can be achieved in an animated feature over a live action movie, as live action tends to have a realistic edge since the actors are real people and props are real and so on An animated feature can be realistic or unrealistic and the situations and characters are in the hands of the animators. In live action however there are limits to what human actors can do. Also there is no need for stuntmen or stunt doubles in an animated feature, and animated characters are more flexible than real life actors since they don’t question working hours and make no wage demands! As technology has shown there could be no need for real actors soon as computer generated characters are becoming more and more realistic, one only needs to view recent animated features such as ‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’. Even though the media forms of animation and live actions differ, the bottom line is best said by Professor Nina Martin, “The history of animation is in tandem with live action film. You cannot understand the history of live action narrative film without including animation”.

Despite there being many comparisons between live action film and animation, essentially both are the same, since”…the definition of cinema is rooted in the ability of its basic technology to present a series of representational images (and perhaps sounds) that create the illusion of movement where of course there is nothing but still images flashing at a prescribed speed.” An extract from ‘The Cinema Book 2nd Edition’. This emphasises the fact that both live action and animated films are created in the same ways but the only difference being the way in which they are expressed, live action as live action and animation as a primarily drawn medium but both forms consist of multiple images to create a sense of movement within the piece. To break this down even further, animation has been described by some critics as “Cinema at its purest” also from ‘The Cinema Book 2nd Edition’. “Since animation creates movement where there was never any ‘real’ motion at the pre-filmic stage”.

As more people become aware of how animation can be used and what it can do, it is increasingly being incorporated within live action films. For example it can be used to recreate dangerous stunts without putting anyone’s life at risk by using the ‘Green Screen’ technique, most recently seen it the box office hit film ‘Spiderman’ where the character is seen swinging high up from building to building, without actually having to in real life. An alternative use of animation is when something impossible for a human actor to do is done via animation, for example in the movie ‘The Mask’.

It is not just recently that movie crossovers have become popular. However they were also used in features such as ‘Mary Poppins’, where the human actors were sharing a world with animated creatures that interacted with each other. Since then films such as ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’, ‘Space Jam’ and ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle’ have each used this genre crossover successfully. The purest form of this technique is ‘direct on film’, where animation is created on film reels, specifically one medium is created on another medium. An extract from ‘The Cinema Book 2nd Edition’ explains that, “Such animation makes the fullest use of the medium as it foregrounds the entire process of making, projecting, and finally perceiving movement where none ever existed.”

The advancements in computer technology have enabled the animation format to go a step further, creating frighteningly realistic films and film effects. Paul Wells shows in an article from ‘Art and Animation’, “Live action and ‘animation’ are once more converging in ways that make one indistinguishable from the other, and servicing a new orthodoxy in ‘realism’ in many feature films like ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Twister’.” As the genre becomes ever more popular and more widely recognized as ‘Disney’ is a household name, just as Steven Spielberg is known for making great live action movies, Disney makes great animated features, as well as Warner Brothers, Hanna-Barbera and more recently Matt Groening. As a tool, animation is becoming used more often as it becomes more flexible as animation becomes more technologically advanced and ever more ground-breaking.

Such an example is the use of animation within video games which enables realistic visuals to be used in a computer generated, fictional world. ‘The Getaway’ on the PlayStation 2 shows how games are becoming more like interactive movies. The setting, London, is a real location recreated in painstaking detail. Vehicles have been created to resemble them in real life and the game uses real actors that have been created to look like their real life counterparts. The actors were motion captured and scripts were recorded, the same processes which an animated feature is produced. They were then used in the game to make the characters more convincing and believable. The game shows how animation can be pushed to its technological limits, proving that animation can be as real or as unrealistic as it needs to be. The game offers such an element of realism that the actors involved have actually been offered roles in popular television shows, for example the Joe Rice who plays the police officer in ‘The Getaway’ has recently been in ‘EastEnders’, showing that the live action and animation cross over are becoming more popular. Advancements in computer capability and its technology have enabled animation to have even more uses than ever before, but as Sean Wagstaff says from his Book ‘Animation on the Web’, “There’s no question that the art of 3D has not yet fully evolved, and in the hands of far too many users, it is still a science more than an art.”

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Anxiety: 7 Ways Exercise Can Calm Anxiety

How exercise can calm anxiety

Find more yoga lessons in kx pilates dee why in order for you to get back in shape. Exercise the most under utilised anti-depressant the essential ingredient to help calm anxiety. Exercise releases endorphins a natural chemical in the body that helps us to feel good. Not only can exercise improve your mental wellbeing but it can also improve your physical health.

The benefits of exercise are great for improving your mood, controlling your weight and combating health conditions and diseases. It can also improve your learning and boost your confidence or self esteem. Just like an elite athlete hunter gathers used to get hours of exercise each day and I have certainly never heard of a caveman suffering with anxiety or depression. Not that I am saying it did ever exist but it certainly was not such a widespread problem.

Now a days we are all engaged in daily activities that keep us sitting in one place. We have exchanged the fetching, carrying, lifting, sprinting, climbing, walking and stretching our ancestors used to do, for sitting in front of the computer for hours, watching television and driving the car short distances. Even young people are not as active as they used to be and computer games are far more popular than a game of rounders would ever be!

It seems that cavemen had mastered how to calm anxiety, something we are missing in this modern day life even though our busier pace is increasing stress levels and more people are suffering with anxious disorders. Diet and exercise are both basic human needs that seem to have been greatly overlooked as a solution to calm anxiety.

So whether you prefer to calm your anxiety or improve your physical health there are exercises for everyone. Something hard and intense providing quick results or something which is more simple but just as effective. Don’t be intimidated at the beginning, if you don’t like something change it, but persevere long enough to give it a chance as you get into exercising you will be surprised by the results.

7 Ways Exercise Can Calm Anxiety

1. Gym. For some people the gym environment is boring and you may find it distasteful. For others going to the gym can be the ultimate fitness experience. It will give you a range of different ways to exercise from cardio machines, weights, swimming, sauna & steam or classes. You may even get a personal trainer if you want to focus on specific goals. However a good cardio workout can be a great stress reliever after a tough day in the office and the sauna & steam can be a great way to switch off after a hectic day.

2. Pilates is a core based exercise. It focuses on stretching and strengthening to improve flexibility, posture, balance and muscle strength. If you have an anxious mind it can be a useful way to restore balance by focusing on correct breathing techniques. If you sit down in an office all day and are focusing on a computer screen Pilates will raise your awareness of your posture, helping you to release tension in your muscles which can become too tight when overly stressed or anxious.

3. Walking or Riding can be a great outdoor exercise with no cost. It is amazing how far you can get in an hour cycling or walking. It can increase your energy and relieve your dark moods. You can even use your bike as a form of transport to get to and from work or to meet friends. Outdoor exercise is proven to improve low moods as you connect with nature and have a physical workout. If you want to increase the intensity to improve your physical fitness or calm your anxiety you can always take it up a level and run or jog.

4. TRX is a suspension training system for intense, innovative and functional training. It can be used in the gym or outside in the park. You just need to find a place you can suspend it whether it is in your home or office you can have your workout wherever you go. It is perfect if you are always travelling with your job as it is light weight and easy to carry in your suitcase. You use your own body weight as the resistance for the exercise so after a busy or stressful day of meetings, it puts you back in control as you can control the intensity of your workout.

5. A Team sport such as Football or Netball are good sports to engage with other people socially, as well as improve your physical fitness. Socialising helps combat depression and anxiety as well as promote cohesion in your office or work environment. Team sports not only offer a social aspect but you will also play with people that have different fitness levels, this can challenge your physical fitness and help you improve your fitness level.

6. Dancing is a great way to exercise as you can have fun, look sexy and improve your fitness. If you are suffering with a low self esteem and are lacking confidence. Dancing could be the perfect confidence boost to put you back in the drivers seat, helping you feel great. The coordination required in dancing also gives your brain a workout as you learn the sequences and steps.

7. Yoga Retreats. Relaxing yoga retreats are becoming more popular. As people prefer an intense dose of relaxation or holistic lifestyle packed into a week or weekend. You will eat healthy, practice yoga and visit the spa for a relaxing massage. Retreats however can be very expensive so not for everyone. However the Buddhist practice of mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and promotes relaxation and breathing techniques which are closely linked to the poses in Yoga for calming anxiety. Hence practising mindfulness can be a more accessible alternative to a retreat.

Don’t feel you must stick to the exercises that are recommended. Perhaps you have found your own form of exercise that helps you to unwind. Like walking to the coffee shop or lifting a pint in your local! Physical activity is something we were designed to do and find enjoyable so choose something that you enjoy and have FUN! You will REAP the benefits.