Protecting Your Car Paint Work With Opti-Coat Pro – Is It Worth The Investment?

Many new car buyers will recall hearing about ‘paint protection’ from the car dealership salesman. Experiences with this ‘paint protection’, while varied, are still mostly underwhelming – and always expensive. How then does Opti-Coat car paint protection differ from the ‘paint protection’ sales pitch of a dealer?

Firstly, the Opti-Coat product itself is not just a wax coating; rather it is a pre-polymer that crosslinks and forms a continuous protective film on the painted surface it is applied to, forming a clear coat finish and permanent protection.

A bit of online research verifies that experiences with the Opti-Coat product are predominantly positive. Discussion threads are more about finding an Opti-Coat dealer that will apply it at a reasonable price, than any issues with the product.

Having OptiCoat done is absolutely, 100% worth it… It’s rainy here today and the water still beads up every bit as much as it did two nearly years [sic] ago when it was applied. Every Tesla I have in the future (and I plan on having many) will definitely get the OptiCoat treatment. – highfalutintodd

Two years, 18,000 miles with Opti-coat pro. Have only cleaned it with water and a soft cloth. No soap, no cleaning formulations, no waxes. Just water.
Couple of tiny dings, otherwise looks like new. – thranx

What is it about Opti-Coat car paint protection that makes the product so well spoken of and worthy of investment? There are many: advanced protective qualities that enhance the vehicle’s paint work; chemical resistance to things like bird droppings and tree sap; a thick coating that gives superior gloss and scratch resistance; and finally, superior hydrophobic properties.

The Opti-Coat application process will of course have an impact on the cost. Contributing to the cost are the techniques that dealers use to improve the effectiveness of the product – like the number of coats and the way each layer is applied (hand or spray gun). In order to get the thickest and smoothest finish for superior vehicle paint protection, multiple coats are recommended by Sydney’s own Opti-Coat dealer – Definitive Car Detailing.

The flash time of Opti-Coat is shortened as temperature rises; Opti-Coat also reacts faster with the paint substrate when there is more moisture in the air. So as we start entering the warmer months, getting Opti-Coat car paint protection may just be the investment that will help your car retain its value.

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