Function Rooms North Sydney – More Than Just Four Square Walls

Every year we celebrate our birth date, we also make sure that friends are invited and we also choose a birthday function rooms Melbourne which can accommodate our visitors. Sydney as a whole has become a popular city for the corporate world and individuals to hold their corporate events, exhibitions, weddings, and birthday parties. Function rooms North Sydney are particularly sought after for the variety of floor plans, arrangements and services they offer.

There are numerous function rooms North Sydney venues to choose from like galleries, hotels, conference centres, exhibition centres, reception centres etc. They differ in size as well as service offered and depending on your budget, need of space and other services you can choose one that’s right for you. The first criteria to be considered while choosing the venue is the reason or type of function, based on this you will be able to determine which kind of function room will be ideal. Like for example a corporate meeting of about 10 people would look quite inapprop0riate if held in an art gallery which has a capacity of about 100 people. The participants would feel “lost” in the “empty space” not to mention the difficulty one would have in arranging all the technical equipments needed to host a corporate meeting successfully.

The second criteria would be the amenities and services needed. Each event type needs a different set of amenities and services. A wedding reception would need a dance floor, bridal room, formal table settings, floral and other decorative arrangements and elaborate catering facilities including wedding cake etc, a corporate meeting would require audio and visual equipment, flip charts and writing boards, computers and internet facilities and a formal theatre-style or round-table seating arrangement, an art exhibition may need the right kind of spot-lighting on the paintings to highlight its beauty amongst various other arrangements including temperature and humidity control. The different venues are geared to serve different clientele and all you need to do is discuss your event type and they can guide you through to the right setting.

Once you have decided on the type of function rooms North Sydney to hire you must go through their floor plan. Most of these event managers are professionals and know their job pretty well however your needs and expectations will definitely be different from others and to make sure you are fully satisfied with the arrangements. Depending on the floor plan there are different types of seating arrangements to choose from theatre, classroom and U-shape. Similarly there are different floor plans for the festive event too like boardroom, cabaret, banquet and cocktail. It would be a good idea to hold business and boardroom meetings in rooms that have maximum natural light flowing in like glass windows from floor to ceiling, this should help keep the participants awake and fresh all day long. Also don’t forget to ask for the coffee / tea vending machines as most office-goers are coffee addicts and it helps them to concentrate on the meeting better.

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